The Koch Brothers' creepy 'Uncle Sam' ads might have boosted Obamacare enrollment

New research suggests that efforts by billionaires Charles and David Koch and other conservatives to dissuade the public from enrolling in the Affordable Care Act may have backfired in some states, The Wire reported.

An analysis by the Brookings Institute found that ads opposing the law, commonly known as "Obamacare," tended to boost enrollment in politically liberal states, saying they "may unintentionally increase the public awareness about the existence of a governmentally subsidized service and its benefits for the uninsured."

The New York Times reported that the law has also met with approval from conservatives, as 74 percent of enrollees who said they were Republican said they enjoyed the insurance it provided for them.

A study by the Commonwealth Fund also found that 73 percent of the 9.5 million people who have gained health insurance during the law's enrollment period said they were pleased with their coverage.

Overall, conservative groups opposing the law spent $450 million on campaigns criticizing the law. Among them was a Koch-backed activist group, Generation Opportunity, which released a pair of commercials depicting a creepy "Uncle Sam" menacing a female patient.

Generation Opportunity also took its efforts to college campuses to try to hamstring the law by convincing students not to sign up.