WA woman arrested for shooting man in the face while walking into Starbucks
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Police in Tacoma, Washington arrested a 24-year-old woman in connection with the shooting of an unidentified man as they allegedly walked into a nearby Starbucks shop together, KOMO-TV reported.

The incident occurred early Tuesday afternoon in Kent, a suburb about 19 miles away from Tacoma. The woman allegedly fled the scene after shooting the man in the face before turning herself in at 1:25 p.m. on Tuesday. The victim was taken to a local hospital, and he is expected to survive.

"They were coming as customers, and as he opened the door, she pulled the weapon and opened fire," Kent assistant police chief Derek Kammerzell told KOMO.

Witnesses reportedly came to the victim's aid quickly, including one Army veteran who helped keep pressure on the wound while paramedics arrived, Another witness, Sam Labberton, told KOMO that the victim was responsive enough to help them gather information on the shooting despite bleeding from the mouth, nose and left ear.

"[We asked], 'What's your name, who did this, do you know her,'" Sam Labberton was quoted as saying. "And he was like, 'Yes I do,' threw me his phone, gave me his passcode and we got her name and gave it to the cops."

Watch KOMO's report on the shooting, as aired on Tuesday, below.

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