I have a lot to say about Jessica Valenti's proposal that governments do more to make menstrual products affordable and the absolute shit ton of misogynist abuse she got for even daring to ask questions about it. But I thought I'd take a moment to toss this out to the Pandagon community for general discussion. It's one of the vitriolic tweets that the haters at Twitchy sent in Jessica's direction to punish her for daring to be a woman who doesn't hate women:

This is part of a larger right wing myth that the "cure" for poverty is wedding rings, which requires you to believe that men always have enough money to support a family on a single income, that women's higher rates of poverty are due to women being inherently inferior, and also that every woman has a bunch of offers of marriage she's turning down because feminism made women uppity. I debunk those myths here and elsewhere frequently, so no need to go over it again here.

But here's something that I also have to point out about this creepy fucker's tweet: He's proposing marriage as an immediate, um, solution to women's menstrual product needs. The average age most girls start menstruating is around 12 years old, though it can often start as young as  8 or 9 years old in some rare cases. Is the suggestion here that girls should get married and start "putting out" in order to "earn" tampons? And that this should start around the 4th and 5th grade?

Appears to be so. But you know, it's feminists who are the radicals.

Anyway, thought I'd open up a thread to talk about this and just the general problem of what I'd call competitive misogyny that dominates the internet, which is a big topic today after Jezebel called out Gawker for not doing more to prevent rape gifs from being posted in the comments.