Arizona Republican's horse is excited about his run for Congress. REALLY excited.
AZ GOP congressional candidate Gary Kiehne [Facebook]

Arizona GOP congressional candidate Gary Kiehne was mocked online after his campaign flyer including a fully erect horse was posted online, Addicting Info reported.

The flyer shows Kiehne and two ranchers standing around a pickup truck with the horse in the background. It is not clear whether the horse is the same one featured on his campaign's Facebook page (pictured above).

"Did Kiehne just not see the giant horse penis in the background, or is he trying to tell us something?" Tucson Weekly wrote in making fun of the faux pas. "Regardless, it's obvious that Kiehne isn't d*cking around."

Uproxx also questioned how Kiehne and his team could miss the "gargantuan horse erection" in the flyer, speculating, "Maybe secretly, deep down Gary Kiehne is just a really big fan of d*ck jokes."

For its part, NY Mag's Daily Intelligencer blog joked that the horse was demonstrating its support for Kiehne, saying, "You do have to appreciate the enthusiasm here: Nobody is more excited for the election than this horse."

Kiehne, who is running to unseat incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ), has not released a statement on the flyer.

[Image via Gary Kiehne for Congress official Facebook page]