Authors of ridiculed 'open carry' kids' book say they get death threats, but still plan sequel

The authors of controversial children's book My Parents Open Carry said that they have been subjected to death threats, according to a report on CNN.

Skip Coryell, the founder of White Feather Press, which published the book in 2012, said that "sales were weak for the first few years. But after it was trashed on [Real Time and The Colbert Report], sales have gone up."

One of the book's authors, Brian Jeffs, told CNN that since the book was featured on those television shows, he has received "email death threats from anti-gun critics." He did not specify the nature of the death threats, or indicate whether he had taken evidence of them to the appropriate authorities.

Despite these threats, the authors plan to write a sequel.

"We knew when we wrote the book if it got out in a large liberal audience, we would get this kind of reaction," Jeffs told Michigan Live. “In fact, we were hoping for it, it just took a while."

In a statement, Parents Against Gun Violence said that "My Parents Open Carry is a book written for a gun extremist niche market, attempting to normalize behavior that every other developed country -- all of which have lower gun death rates than we do -- finds abnormal and unsafe."

However, "[w]hile we strongly support providing children with information that will protect them from gun violence, this book crosses the line from information into the realm of indoctrination."