CA cops caught using police database to spy on potential mates on online dating sites
Laptop computer with crime scene tape across it (Shutterstock)

Two veteran police officers in Fairfield, California are being investigated for using confidential law enforcement databases to obtain private information about women they met on online personal websites, the Daily Republic reports.

Sergeant Stephen Ruiz and Detective Jacob Glashoff are accused of misusing the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System database in order to pry into the lives of women they were interested in meeting on,,, and, according to court documents. Authorities were alerted to the pair's actions by one of their colleagues, who said that they were on the sites "while at work every day for what seems like months," and were "often having their own side conversations regarding dating sites."

Another one of their colleagues reported seeing Sgt. Ruiz at his desktop with two windows open -- one was, the other a police database. Sgt. Ruiz allegedly told Det. Glashoff that "she has a DUI or is suspended" right "in front of everybody," which the detective found alarming. Less than a week later, the detective overheard the two discussing how to delete Internet history. Det. Glashoff was "panicking about his computer [and] spoke about his status at the Fairfield Police Department."

Sgt. Ruiz and Det. Glashoff had their desktops, laptops, cellphones, and police-issue iPads seized by an internal affairs investigator, and the Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force has been working with the California Department of Justice, Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Analysis to determine the extent to which the pair invaded these women's privacy.

Captain Darrin Moody acknowledged that the two were being investigated, but said that "generally speaking, the department has a mechanism in place to investigate allegations of misconduct. Per the Government Code, we can’t discuss specific cases."

Both Sgt. Ruiz and Det. Glashoff are still currently fulfilling their regular duties pending further investigation.

["Laptop computer with crime scene tape across it" on Shutterstock]