Christian activist: Supporting Obamacare means promoting homosexual 'deathstyle'
'Coach' Dave Daubenmire [Facebook]

Conservative Christian activist and vlogger 'Coach' Dave Daubenmire argued on Saturday that any Christian who supports the Democratic Party is not being true to their faith, in part because the Affordable Care Act is promoting homosexuality.

"Friends, homosexuality is a deathstyle, it's not a lifestyle," he said in video posted by Right Wing Watch. "The medical consequences of what homosexuals do is staggering -- not only to them, but to the medical care system, the Obamacare. Do you know that when you support Obamacare, you support the medical care of those who are engaged in self-destructive behaviors, including male-on-male sodomy?"

Daubenmire also said that the Democratic Party has used abortion rights and marriage equality as its "main platforms" for attracting voters, which put it on the wrong side of the "laws of nature."

"Now, who's the greatest perpetrators of homosexual rights and homosexual marriage?" he asked. "You got it: the Democratic Party. How can a Christian support homosexuality -- the legalization of homosexuality -- and the killing of unborn children? How can any Christian support that?"

Daubenmire referenced recent reports of a 132.5 percent rise in HIV infections among younger gay and bisexual men between 2001 and 2011, but did not mention that overall, HIV diagnoses decreased by 30 percent during the same time period.

Watch Daubenmire's commentary, as posted by Right Wing Watch on Monday, below.

[Image via Dave Daubenmire Facebook page]