Ex-SNL ditz Victoria Jackson loses TN race, vows to annoy winners with conspiracy theories

Victoria Jackson, the former Saturday Night Live player and current Tea Party darling, lost in her bid to represent "true conservatism" on the Williamson County Commission, The Tennessean reports.

Jackson lost to Judy Lynch Herbert and Betsy Hester, who accrued 1,422 and 1,380 votes to her 632. On her blog, Jackson claimed that although she personally lost, she was able to celebrate "the win of 'conservative values,'" as a number of candidates she supported in the school board election won.

As the election returns came in, Jackson wrote that she was satisfied with the results, because "I don't really like numbers, and Commissioners mostly talk about numbers." Her "second thought" was that this was only her "first foray into actual 'running,'" and that there are things she can do to improve her chances next time.

"I do portray a 'ditz' extremely well and have been paid well for that...gift. My persona could be a stumbling block," she wrote. "My voice. The bow. I’ve only actually lived here 17 months, and my opponents are long-time residents."

Still, she is worried that the women who defeated her "are not informed about Agenda 21 and Common Core and its ramifications on local government. The big picture. I think they’ve been living in the Williamson County bubble and are not aware that the Obama Administration and the fast-moving lunge toward socialism in our country has begun to erase our freedoms, even here."

She then vowed that, "[a]s their annoying constituent, I will try to share my knowledge and research with them, so they can make wise choices."