Hilarious video foresees Ireland's impending same-sex marriage 'ArmaGAYddon'

In the video embedded below, an Irish married couple in the year 2017 named John and Mary tell the story of Ireland's "Armagayddon," which will purportedly happen when the country legalizes same-sex marriage.

Crouched in the front hall of their boarded up townhouse, Mary says, "They're coming They're coming, aren't they?"

Peering out through the mail slot and holding a shotgun, John replies, "I don't see any. It doesn't mean they're not out there somewhere."

"Oh, God, John, they're going to get in," Mary says, beginning to sob. "They're going to get in!"

Then sitting on their sofa together, the two tell of how in 2015, "Ireland had a referendum on marriage equality. Sure, we weren't one bit worried."

"We thought at best, it'd be close," Mary says.

"As far as we knew," John says, "there was only five or six gays operating in Ireland at the time."

But then the referendum passed, and Ireland became "unrecognizable" from "so much equality."

"We tried to fit in," says John, "but the weddings...I felt so underdressed."

"And the cakes," says Mary. "Amazing."

John and Mary have to keep their son Michael in a box and home school him for his own protection.

"I feel frightened all the time," Mary says.

The video was made to promote the LGBT Noise March in Dublin, which takes place Sunday, Aug. 24 at 3 p.m. at Dublin's City Hall.

Watch the video, embedded below via YouTube: