Idaho police fulfill unruly man's request: 'Tase me motherf*ckers!'
Police with Taser [Flickr creative commons]

Police in Twin Falls, Idaho report that a man involved in a violent altercation demanded that arriving officers "tase" him -- and that the officers fulfilled his request.

According the Times-News, Michael K. Brubaker was involved in a physical altercation in front of 320 Maine Street. When officers arrived, Brubaker fled the scene, but was cornered near a Super 7 Motel shortly thereafter.

In his report, Officer Tyler Campbell said that he and fellow officers yelled at Brubaker to get on the ground, but that he instead took up "a boxing stance." At this point, Officer Campbell drew his stun gun.

Brubaker then yelled, "tase me, motherfuckers!" and charged at Officer Aaron Nay, ripping his police radio off of his shirt. Officer Nay unsuccessfully tried to subdue Brubaker with his baton, but it was not until Officer Campbell shot him with his stun gun that Brubaker went down.

He continued to resist even after being handcuffed, and is currently facing charges of resisting or obstructing officers and battery on an officer.

Brubaker pleaded "not guilty" to both charges and was released on his own recognizance.

["Police with Taser" via trojan631 on Flickr, Creative Commons license]