Relationship tips for straight girls from lesbians

This week's Morning Jew drops a major news bomb: Morning Jewess Katie Halper is... single again!

Fellow Morning Jewess and yenta Heather Gold offers some words of wisdom about what to look for in a man and suggests that lesbians make great matchmakers. She offers some criteria for what to look for in a man like having been in therapy (which puts non-Jews at a definite disadvantage) and the ability to say "I'm feeling." Heather also offers to help instruct men on matters related to female anatomy, because she thinks most of them need a map when it comes to female terrain.

Then, Heather and Katie turn to comedian Josh Gondelman, who moonlights as a dating coach (even if he doesn't know it), and has his own invaluable advice. Like, don't expect to be able to see yourself spending the rest of your life with someone after a first date. And Heather and Katie urge Josh to be more comfortable making generalizations about women, and offer our services if he ever wants to say "and some of my best friends are women."