Russell Brand mocks Hannity as a man hopelessly out of his depth in universe he can't understand
Screen capture of Russell Brand (YouTube)

In the latest episode of The Trews, British comedian Russell Brand explains to viewers the rules of what he calls "the Sean Hannity School of Bullying."

He begins by playing a clip in which the Fox host introduces Democratic Committeewoman Patricia Bynes -- who is on to speak about the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri -- by asking, "Were you there at the shooting?"

"His tone and manner aren't interrogative," Brand says. "You can see in Patricia's Bynes' face that she's already thinking, 'I'm going on the Sean Hannity show, I better steel myself for the abuse.' But she then tries to answer him humanely, 'No, Sean, I wasn't there at the shooting.'"

Brand then cuts back to Hannity, who says, "So you weren't there at the shooting, so you don't know whether this case was about police brutality, do you?"

After a brief argument that ends when Hannity shuts off Bynes' microphone, he asks her what the significance would be if reports of Darren Wilson sustaining an orbital eye fracture -- which turned out not to be true -- were, in fact, true.

When Bynes admits, again, that she wasn't present at the shooting herself, Hannity begins repeating, "So you weren't there, you don't know what happened, do you?"

"I know across the country," Bynes responds, "that we have issues with police brutality."

"But you don't know if police brutality was the case here, do you?" Hannity asks.

"Yes," Bynes says. "You've asked me and I've said 'Yes.'"

"So you're the judge, jury and executioner?" Hannity asks. "How do you know in this case that there's police brutality? If we don't have the facts, how do you know?"

Brand then interjects that Bynes "is sort of smiling now, like she's looking after this little boy, and trying to make him eat his vegetables, but he wouldn't have them -- he wanted the ice cream. So I said, 'Vegetables first,' but eventually, you just give him the ice cream."

When Bynes tries to explain that there have been many instances of police brutality, Hannity shouts her down by repeatedly asking, "But how do you know in this case?"

At which point, Brand impersonates Hannity, saying "This case! This case! It's not a part of a massive national trend!"

Brand then cuts back to Bynes, who is explaining that "there's no way that an unarmed teen gets two shots in the head and four in the body" unless there was police brutality.

Instead of letting Hannity respond, Brand replies for him, saying "there are some ways. Let me think, what if was running -- and he can transform into a rhinoceros. Now, if he was part rhinoceros, and he charged the car, and the guy maybe had to shoot at him? What about that? You wouldn't know! You weren't there!"

In his own voice, Brand then notes how Hannity is "exhausting the miraculous realms of wonder in order to create a Minotaur myth to justify the murder of an 18-year-old boy."

"Sean, you're not clever enough to do your job," he continues. "I had to make a bed once, and I couldn't do it, and I was in a bad mood. I think Sean's just like that all the time. 'All these bits! All these bits in the box! Bloody thing! I'll just sleep on the floor!'"

"He's a man hopelessly out of his depth, trying to scrabble around in a universe he can't understand."

Watch the entire episode of The Trews below.

[Screen capture of Russell Brand via YouTube]