'Screw that guy': Jon Stewart rips GOP for letting Ted Cruz derail immigration bill

Daily Show host Jon Stewart hammered House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and other House Republicans for seemingly letting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) dissuade their attempt to pass a bill addressing the influx of young immigrants from Central America after hosting a party offering pizza and beer to their GOP colleagues.

"Who cares about Senator Ted Cruz? He's in the Senate," Stewart demanded. "They already did their nothing. Pizza or no pizza, screw that guy. Who cares what he thinks?"

Cruz's alleged interference scuttled any hopes of the House passing its original $659 million proposal -- which in itself was a far cry, Stewart said, from the $3.9 billion President Barack Obama's administration originally requested to address the issue. Instead, he argued, the House passed a "draconian" measure that called for speedier deportations of the young refugees.

"The Senate's already out, so nothing in this bill matters anyway. Why not have some fun with it?" Stewart asked, before offering up some outlandish new prospective demands: "Minors must be deported via circus cannon. Or, replace the border with a Wipeout course, and if you get through, you're in. Dress the Border Patrol up as Mounties, so that they think they've come here and gone too far, and they'll turn back around."

Stewart argued that in the face of the humanitarian issue facing the young refugees, Obama offered a solution only to find that Cruz and the Senate could not put together its own bill. Things had reached the point, Stewart said, that Boehner was calling on the president to act unilaterally.

"[I'm] pretty sure there's a guy right now suing the president for that," Stewart said. "Boehner ever gets ahold of that other Boehner, his face is gonna be so reddish-orange."

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online, below.