Texas wants to sell alcohol at gun shows -- and guns rights groups aren't happy
'A glass of alcoholic drink, a cell phone and a handgun over a wooden table' [Shutterstock]

A proposal by Texas officials that would allow alcohol to be sold at gun shows was met with early disapproval from gun ownership advocates, the Associated Press reported.

The proposal by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission would allow for alcohol to be sold at gun events if the weapons on sale there are disabled and not "readily convertible" for use. Gun owners would also be barred from taking possession of their purchased firearms at the show.

"Does that make any sense? Who would buy a gun at a gun show where you couldn't take possession of it?" Texas State Rifle Association legislative director Alice Tripp. "Nobody is interested in selling alcohol at a gun show."

The Austin-American Statesman reported that the rule would also cover historical re-enactment events that involve ceremonial firearms displays, but not facilities that choose not to sell alcohol during gun shows.

The proposal would lift the state's current ban on alcohol sales during gun events at any venue with a liquor license.

"We got a request from a gun club in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to amend the rules," commission spokesperson Carolyn Beck was quoted as saying.

The commission will hold a 30-day public comment on the issue before making its final decision. A public hearing regarding the proposal has been scheduled for Aug. 19 at its headquarters in Austin.

[Image: "A glass of alcoholic drink, a cell phone and a handgun over a wooden table," via Shutterstock]