A 22-year-old woman in Cedar Park, Texas reportedly stole a cheap bottle of wine in hopes that police would arrest her and take her to jail, where she would be closer to her incarcerated boyfriend.

KTVU.com reported that Alicia Walicke walked into a Shell gas station on Wednesday and took a bottle of $3.99 Mogen David wine -- also known as Mad Dog 20/20 -- off the shelf. She then walked out of the store, sat herself on the curb outside and proceeded the drink the wine as she waited for police to come and arrest her.

According to the arrest warrant obtained by KTVU, "Walicke advised her boyfriend was arrested earlier that evening by Cedar Park Officers and it was her fault so she wanted to make things right and go to jail."

Walicke has two prior convictions for theft and was charged with assault on a public servant in March when she bit an officer on the arm in a scuffle. At the time, Walicke had reportedly been intoxicated on unknown substances and making suicidal threats. Police were called in an effort to restrain her.

Walicke was released from the Williamson County Jail on Friday on $5,000 bond. KTVU did not say whether Walicke had been able to see her boyfriend while she was behind bars.

[hat-tip to Gawker.com]

[image of bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 via Wikipedia]