UPDATE: so, it turns out the ceasefire didn't last. But we still demand an apology and invite from Morning Joe!

On Wednesday morning, Mika Brzezinski, co-host of Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, had just interviewed Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. when she went to commercial and referred to her show as "Morning Jew." She quickly corrected herself and said "Morning Joe," but it was too late. The media noticed noticed the flub. But they weren't the only ones to notice...

Fans of the weekly Youtube show Morning Jew, immediately alerted the co-hosts Heather Gold and Katie Halper (me) about Mika's name-dropping. While we are flattered that Mika and Joe watch our show and that Mika even mentioned us by name, we would like an apology from them for not acknowledging us properly. We were pretty sure, at this point, that both Mika and Joe were fans of the show.

If we had any doubt, it dissipated when, the very next day, Joe Scarborough who, as a former Republican congressman in Florida and pundit, has always praised Israel, actually criticized the Israeli government's treatment of Palestinians, particularly it's indiscriminate killing, which he described as "asinine." Scarborough then explained that this behavior was actually bad for Israelis. And that's when Heather and I were sure. Not only did Joe and Mika watch Morning Jew, but they had stolen our format, which includes determining whether a given story or piece of news is good for the Jews.

While, Heather and Katie are frustrated and await an apology from Morning Joe, they are also happy that Mika and Joe are such fans and would welcome the opportunity to appear on the show. They also realize that the cease-fire agreed to Thursday between Israel and Hamas, was in all likelihood the result of their show. To see how and why, watch the video.