2-year-old discovers loaded handgun with safety off in Florida rental car
Handgun found on floor of rental car (5NBC Chicago)

A family preparing to turn in their rental car after a week in Cocoa Beach discovered a loaded  handgun on the floor of the vehicle amongst their 2-year-old's toys.

Louis Venuto was helping his daughter Chloe round up her toys when she held up a  .45 caliber handgun, reports 5NBC Chicago.

“There were a bunch of them [toys] on the floor, and we were cleaning up the car, and I said, ‘Chloe, pick your toys up,’” Venuto explained. “She was gathering them all up, and that’s when she must’ve spotted it.”

“You know, she’s talking, ‘Oh, here’s my Minnie, there’s my Sophia,’ and she got quiet,” Venuto said. “And I quick took a look and that’s when I seen her grab it.”

According to the Venuto the handgun his daughter was holding  had a round in the chamber and the safety was off.

Venuto explained that he took the gun from his daughter and called the rental agency, West Sunrise Enterprise, and briefly spoke with the manager who promised to call him back, but never did.

“You’re supposed to vacuum and clean the car before the next customer rents,” Venuto said. “Enterprise just failed at that epically.”

Enterprise has since issued a statement saying, "“…The safety of our customers is our top priority, and we are thoroughly investigating this situation…”

Davie Police have possession of the gun and are attempting to track down the owner.

Watch the video below from  5NBC Chicago: