ACLU condemns Washington town's anti-homeless ban on 'bad body odor'
Sleeping homeless man on the bench (Shutterstock)

A town in Washington state has been accused of discriminating against homeless people with its ban on "bad body odor."

KIRO reported that the city of Burien passed the so-called “trespassing ordinance” last month.

The new rules prohibit obscene language, not enough clothing covering body parts, and poor hygiene. Offenders could be banned from public spaces like King County Library, and Burien City Hall for up to a year.

"People will, unfortunately, have such a bodily odor that it's very hard for other patrons to be in that same space," City Manager Kamuron Gurol explained.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has said that the city was targeting homeless people, making the ordinance unconstitutional.

Watch the video below from WBFF, broadcast Sept. 18, 2014.