AP History: CO school board member proposing 'patriotic' curriculum was following TX example
Sad student (Shutterstock)

The woman at the center of the recent walkout in Colorado over a conservative attempt to alter the Advanced Placement U.S. history curriculum claims that she is "truly surprised" that so many people found her proposed changes offensive, as she was merely following Texas's example.

"I must not have explained myself clearly. I thought everyone, or at least everyone involved in education understood the huge debate and controversy surrounding the new APUSH. To be accused of censorship?" Julie Williams asked on Facebook. "That is just ridiculous. I am advocating for the just the opposite."

She and her fellow conservatives were critical of the Common Core AP historically curriculum because it failed to teach "nationalism" as a core civic value and placed too much emphasis on "civil disorder, social strife or disregard for the law."

One retired history teacher from New Jersey said the Common Core curriculum may be "history true," but its focus on "oppressors and exploiters" would mean "progressives are going to be the heroes in this narrative."

Williams echoes that criticism in her Facebook post, complaining that it has "an emphasis on race, gender, class, ethnicity, grievance and American-bashing while simultaneously omitting the most basic structural and philosophical elements considered essential to the understanding of American History for generations."

She then notes that her alternative, far from censoring the minority voices in American history in favor of the traditional Great Men narrative, is merely an "untested and unresearched" curriculum that she feels it is her "duty" to propose because "parents...have lost trust in the 'experts'" behind the AP history books.

Williams merely wants to follow the example of the Texas State Board of Education and restore "balance and respect for traditional scholarship."

"When it comes to history," she concludes, "I believe all children graduating from an American school should know 3 things: American Exceptionalism, an understanding of US History, and know the Constitution."