Bill Maher says Palin needs to stop wearing her 'mom genes'
Image of Bill Maher, screencap

On Friday night, Real Time host Bill Maher dedicated a segment of his weekly "New Rules" segment to former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her "proud mama" endorsement of daughter Bristol's participation in a drunken brawl earlier this month.

Maher harkened back to a years-old flap about President Barack Obama's outdated Levi's when he threw out the opening pitch to the St. Louis Cardinals' season opener in 2009. Critics derided the president for wearing high-waisted "mom jeans."

"New rule," he quipped. "Now that it's been confirmed that the entire Palin family did in fact participate in a drunken brawl, Sarah Palin must admit that President Obama’s mom jeans aren’t half as embarrassing as her 'mom genes.'”

Watch this week's "New Rules" segment, embedded below via Real Time:

Image of Bill Maher, screencap