Chemtrail 'truthers' mobilizing global rally against 'genocide' from the sky
Airliner flying in the sky (Shutterstock)

Conspiracy theorists concerned about an ongoing plot to spray harmful chemicals from the sky are planning a global rally this weekend against chemtrails.

Groups around the world will host events Saturday as part of the Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengingeering – which organizers described as crimes against humanity.

“We are one world and we are one people and we all breath the same air that is being poisoned daily by the perpetrators of these global aerosol programs,” organizers said.

The group lists dozens of Facebook pages for regional demonstrations, including many in Brazil, Canada, and the United States.

In Philadelphia, demonstrators plan to gather in front of the Fox News studios to protest the alleged “genocide.”

Chemtrail “truthers” believe governments around the world are spraying chemical or biological agents from planes, although they are unable to agree why this is done.

But they generally agree chemtrails cause serious health problems – including cancer and the growth of microscopic fibers through the skin — to people on the ground.

Believers typically cite anecdotal observations about the weather or an apparent increase in visible contrails to support their claims, which require a disregard for scientific and environmental conditions that create condensation trails and the demonstrable uptick in air traffic in recent decades.

“Have you looked up into the sky? What's happening with our Weather?” a New York group posted on its Facebook page. “Take notice, GeoEngineering is the spraying of heavy metals into the atmosphere which are currently taking place daily. We are all inhaling toxic nanoparticles of these deadly heavy metals with every breath, these are crimes against humanity and are a threat to all life on earth. The effects from these toxins are extremely devastating and are polluting our air, destroying our land, our food crops and our drinking water. Asthma, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder & Alzheimers have all risen dramatically in recent years.”

Concerns about chemtrails have become more widespread in recent years, with candidates and elected officials raising concerns about the conspiracy theory and media outlets covering the issue.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency responded to public concerns about chemtrails by publishing a report explaining that condensation trails, or contrails, contain no chemicals.

But chemtrail truthers cite this as evidence of a government cover-up.