According to the affidavit of probable cause against three people in a potential hate crime investigation, the daughter of a police chief was among those who physically attacked a gay couple.

The case came to national attention after local media showed pictures of the "well-dressed" and "clean-cut" group responsible for attacking the gay couple on the nightly news. The attackers were then tracked down by savvy social media users, who not only identified Kathryn Knott, Philip Williams, and Kevin Harrigan, but also found their Twitter accounts, which shed light on the motivations behind the attack.

The incident began when the group that Knott, Williams, and Harrigan were with passed the gay couple on the street. The group repeatedly shouted "faggot" at the couple, which led to what the affidavit describes as a "heated argument" and, eventually, a physical altercation.

Knott was positively identified by both victims as one of the people who was shouting "faggot" at them. She was further identified by the second victim as the woman who repeatedly struck him in the face while yelling "faggot."

One of the victims was admitted to the hospital with extensive injuries, including a broken orbital bone, a broken jaw, and a laceration on his face that required 24 stiches to close. His partner also suffered injuries to his face, but they did not require hospitalization to treat.

Read the entire affidavit via Scribd below.

Affidavit of Probable Cause, Harrigan/Williams/Knott, 9/23/14

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