Fearing terrorism, the People’s Republic of China gave 10,000 pigeons a rectal exam
Chinese newspaper reports on rectal 'security checks' for 10,000 pigeons [People's Daily via Twitter]

A state-controlled newspaper in China seemed to avoid coverage of the pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong with a strange tweet promoting "anal security checks" for thousands of pigeons, Vox reported on Tuesday.

The People's Daily said on Twitter that 10,000 pigeons were inspected in advance of the celebration of National Day on Wednesday, as seen here:

The pigeon-related post was the most outlandish example of the paper's failure to acknowledge the thousands of protesters in downtown Hong Kong calling for democracy.

"We have spent more than a week under the sun, under pepper spray, we of course can stand the rain. Nothing can stop us," one protester told Agence France-Presse.