Fox contributor complains that 'anti-testicular police' are trying to take Ray Rice's 'b*lls'
Fox News contributor Tamara Holder 090914 [youtube]

Fox News host Sean Hannity sparred with contributor Tamara Holder on Tuesday after she suggested that former NFL running back Ray Rice was being treated unfairly in the wake of his indefinite suspension for hitting his then-fiancee, Janay Palmer this past February.

"I think it's interesting that the anti-testicular police are coming out and just taking this guy's b*lls and ripping them off and not paying attention to the fact that there is a family here," Holder told Hannity. "That there were decisions to be made behind closed doors. That also, Miss Rice, formerly Miss Palmer, she played a role in it."

Holder quickly added that "nobody deserves to be hit," but Hannity cut her off.

"There's a rule in life, Tamara, that every man understands: you never lay a hand on a woman, period," he said.

"I am not defending his behavior," Holder countered. "What I'm saying, though, is where do we draw the line with just attacking somebody, ruining their life, firing them for life? He's going to lose his home."

According to The Baltimore Sun, Rice earned $25 million over the past two seasons for the Baltimore Ravens before being fired on Monday, when footage of his attack on Palmer this past February was published by TMZ. Holder did not explain why she believed he was in danger of losing his home.

"We draw the line [at], he's a public figure, which opens him to greater scrutiny," Fox Business host Dagen McDowell said, cutting in. "This happened in a public place. It was videotaped, and that's where you draw the line. And somebody actually tweeted to me that this was the 'war on men.' That is the most disgusting thing that I have ever heard, because not enough people stand up for the women who aren't famous who get the crap beat out of them every single day."

The Associated Press reported on Wednesday that the league received a copy of the footage five months ago, countering commissioner Roger Goodell's statement to CBS News that it was not made available to them.

Hannity noted that Palmer criticized the release and coverage of the footage online, while Holder asked, "Why did she stay?"

"I can't judge this woman's life," McDowell answered. "I can't judge any woman's life, because the vast majority of women who are abused by their partners go back to them, and very often -- whether you're living in a mansion or a mobile home -- finances play a role."

Watch the discussion, as posted online on Wednesday, below.