Gay-hating, neo-confederate ammosexual threatens Moms Demand Action on Facebook
Alexandra & Tyler Cradock (Facebook)

An open carry advocate threatened members of a gun control advocacy group on Facebook telling them "We will drive you away by force," before suggesting they "get back in the kitchen," according to Liberaland.

Tyler Lance Craddock of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, was recently photographed in a Krogers carrying both his infant son and a loaded AR-15.

When Moms Demand Action, a gun control advocacy group founded in the wake of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, publicized his picture, Craddock took to Facebook to address them.

"You people do not represent the fabric of America: we do. We gun toting hillbilly machine fixing people. You make me sick, " he wrote. "And if any of you has(sic) a kid who was killed by a gun I'm sorry. But you dishonor their memory by saying you shouldn't have the right to a gun which could have saved their life. In my perspective, you're the one to blame for not taking your self-defense into your own hands"

Craddock added, "Oh by the way, if you ever make it down here to the the south, we will drive you away by force, because we don't like you. Now what you need to do, is get back in the kitchen before you embarrass yourselves and you cause anymore than you already have. It was loaded. And it didn't kill anyone either."

As Liberaland noted, Craddock had recently tweeted "GUN DOWN the illegal immigrants as they cross and they'll get the message."

Craddock also posted a picture of a Confederate flag on his Facebook page where his wife, Alexandra Craddock commented, "I am a firm supporter of slavery except I don't want to use blacks.... I want to use liberals and those with skewed worldly views. Seems like a win-win situation to me."

Following the birth of his son on August 1 after marrying his now wife on May 19, Craddock  had words on Facebook for the gay community, explaining that they are an "abomination towards God."

"Eight days ago my son Gabriel Joseph Craddock was born. He was created out of love I have for my wife. He represents the growing of our love for one another and our relationship together. Same sex couples can't create life. Your relationships do not result in a fruitful life, instead your relationships are selfish and lifeless and you are on a pathway heading speedily for hell," he wrote. " This natural, beautiful phenomenon called creating life is something your community can never have. Ever. This is why society exists and all of culture has been allowed to develop and flourish throughout the world...God's natural order of things. And yes your community members are unnatural, unfruitful and an abomination towards God."