John Oliver addresses YouTube critics: 'You are all BRILLENT'
John Oliver thanks YouTube commenters on Sept. 1, 2014. [YouTube]

HBO's This Week Tonight was on hiatus this week, but host John Oliver released a web-only clip in which he addressed some of the critiques he and the show have gotten in the form of YouTube comments.

"A few weeks ago, we did a story on America's nuclear arsenal," Oliver said. "And the discourse it set off was...let's just say it was full of words."

For example, one commenter wrote, "I don't even understand why the audience is laughing."

While another jabbed at Oliver's looks, writing, "John Oliver does look like a parrot."

"There's a lot to feel uncomfortable about there," Oliver said. "Primarily, there's the word 'does,' like he's agreeing with someone."

But, lest we get the impression that all of his Internet comments are negative and hurtful, Oliver pointed viewers to one positive comment, in which a viewer wrote, "This guy is BRILLENT."

"That warms my heart," he said. "BRILLENT is exactly what I am," i.e., not quite brilliant.

"Thank you for watching," he concluded. "And special thanks to all our YouTube commenters down there. You are all BRILLENT, every single one of you."

Watch the video, embedded below via YouTube: