Lesbian Florida cop arrested in murder-suicide threat against wife's girlfriend
'Reporting Female Police Using Her Radio' [Shutterstock]

A 27-year-old police officer in Daytona Beach, Florida is accused of making death threats toward both her wife and her wife's current girlfriend, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

Officer Sarah Martin was arrested on Saturday and charged with domestic violence, grand theft of a firearm and written threats to kill for allegedly stealing estranged wife and colleague Tabitha Martin's duty weapon and threatening to kill another officer, Kristina Cicero.

Investigators said the incident was touched off by an argument between the estranged couple, who were married in another state and had a child together before splitting up. Tabitha Martin told police that her wife took her Glock and car keys from her apartment.

After leaving the area, Sarah Martin allegedly texted Tabitha Martin that she was going to put "a bullet" in Cicero's head. Cicero is currently dating Sarah Martin.

"Don't worry," the suspect allegedly wrote. "I already let her know I was coming, so it's premeditated."

Sarah Martin also allegedly sent text messages to both Tabitha Martin and her own girlfriend, identified as Ashley DiFormato, saying she intended to kill herself after killing Cicero.

"I have to go take care of a [expeletive] and then you won't see me anymore," Martin reportedly wrote to DiFormato. "I'm sorry."

Cicero told authorities that Sarah Martin had threatened her online and in person before Saturday's incident. A police report stated that Cicero "strategically exited her residence" after learning Martin was on her way there.

Sarah Martin was found walking along a freeway overpass with Tabitha Martin's firearm in her shorts pocket.

She was placed on suicide watch overnight before being released on $11,000 bail. Investigators say Tabitha Martin told them her wife had been making suicidal statements in the days leading up to the incident.

Sarah Martin was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery against an unidentified former colleague in 2010. She was also briefly fired from her department that year for "untruthfulness and misuse of a computer," but was hired back onto the force in 2011 after accepting an 18-month suspension without pay.