Limbaugh humors sexist caller, says Ray Rice situation proves feminism is 'artificial'
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and one of his callers tried to minimize the response to the domestic violence case involving former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice on Tuesday, Media Matters reported.

"What this illustrates is what I've always said about feminism: it's artificial, it isn't real, because men and women aren't equal," Limbaugh said. "If feminism was actually what they are portraying it to be, there wouldn't be this kind of outrage and shock."

The "outrage" following the release of the footage of Rice knocking out his then-fiancee Janay Palmer this past February, Limbaugh said, was natural because it highlights differences between men and women that cannot be changed.

For his part, the caller, who identified himself as "James," said he "didn't see the big deal" with the footage showing Rice "cold-cocking" Palmer.

"If she had cold-cocked him, we wouldn't have even heard about it," James said. "I just don't get it, I'm confused."

Limbaugh quickly covered for the caller, saying, "Clearly you are being facetious here to illustrate a point," and saying he clearly did not support Rice's actions.

"I'm just confused," James responded. "Maybe I'm a low-information voter. I'm being told that men and women are equal. Women should be on the firing line."

"Hillary Clinton dodging sniper fire," Limbaugh said.

Listen to the exchange, as posted online on Tuesday, below.