Shady Wisconsin militia 'targets' Dem voters for arrest on open warrants in black districts
'Voters At Polling Station In 2012 Presidential Election' (Shutterstock)

A self-proclaimed militia group plans to confront likely Democratic voters at Wisconsin polls Nov. 4 over outstanding warrants or tax defaults.

The Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia clams it will check names on the 2012 recall petition for Republican Gov. Scott Walker and confront those voters who they believe are wanted on warrants.

The group posted on Twitter that members would be “targeting heavy democrat districts, so it is doubtful” any Republicans would be reported.

"We prefer our people be armed," the self-described militia posted on Facebook. "Some will be heading to some of Milwaukee, Racine, and Beloit's worst areas. We will be armed with a list of people to look for at each location."

The group asked Facebook users to privately send names of active voters who were wanted on warrants to they could have them arrested.

“We can get our agents to watch their polling location, identify the individual, and then follow them to their residence,” the group posted, promising to call the police and have the would-be voter “picked up for processing.”

The Politicus USA blog took screen captures of the Facebook posts, which have been turned from public to private by the group – which publicly posted a video from the 1984 song “Somebody’s Watching Me,” by Rockwell.

The Facebook page has been taken down occasionally since it was first reported, leading to speculation that it is a parody account.

Politicus USA noted that all photos posted by the group on Facebook showed black voters.

“The group admits that they are targeting Democrats,” wrote Jason Easley, of Politicus USA. “They aren’t exactly subtle in making it clear that they are targeting African-American voters. The scheme is an attempt to intimidate African-American voters while getting around the Voting Rights Act. The point of this campaign isn’t to get felons off the streets. The ‘poll watchers’ are trying to keep African-Americans away from the polls.”

The group disputed the blogger’s claims in another Facebook post.

"We can assure you that we will be targeting all democrats, not just black ones,” the group posted. “If you think we meant blacks only it is because you are a racist who thinks the only people with warrants are black. We know better because we have a nice list of people who are wanted democrat activist types. Most are actually white. We will target everyone."

The militia is compiling its list from information gathered by the website Put Wisconsin First – which conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has celebrated on air.

Limbaugh suggested that an “anonymous researcher” had found a link between tax dodgers and the liberals who protested Walker’s efforts to destroy public workers unions in the state.

"Thanks to his hard work, we finally know who is not paying their fair share of taxes in Wisconsin," Limbaugh said.

Watch Limbaugh discuss the database posted online by Put Wisconsin First: