Stephen Colbert's slam on Fox's Brit Hume last night was too off-color for this headline
Colbert (Screen capture)

On Thursday night's episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert went after the nit-pickers at Fox News who did their utmost to find fault with President Barack Obama's speech about ISIS on Wednesday night.

He began by showing Fox News hosts responding to the president's statement that "ISIL is not Islamic -- no religion condones the killing of innocents."

"Why won't he call ISIS what they really are," Steve Doocy asked. "Islamic extremists!"

A guest on another Fox News panel continued, noting that the president said "the Islamic State in the Levant is not Islamic. How do you parse that? That noun, or verb -- if an Islamist is not Islamic, does the bird tweet in a tree?"

"It's a simple question, sir," Colbert replied. "Does or does not the bird tweet in a tree? Look, if something calls itself something, it is that thing. Just like all English muffins are baked in England, and Canadian bacon is made from Canadians."

"But folks, it's not just 'Islamic' he wouldn't say," he continued. "Brit Hume noticed that there were other words that did not appear in the speech."

"It seems that one would do whatever it takes to eliminate the threat," Hume said. "He didn't quite go that far. He said, 'we'd do what it takes.' He didn't say, 'we'd do whatever it takes.'"

"He didn't say the word 'whatever'!" Colbert responded. "At least he could have said, 'We're gonna totes kill ISIS or whatevs.' Words matter, sir! Words matter!"

At which point, he cut back to Hume, who was saying that the problem with the president's tone was that "there's a certain uncertainty in all this, in terms of the sound of the trumpet he is blowing -- when you blow an uncertain trumpet, and commit to doing less than you could, and -- and --- and ---"

"And -- and -- and," Colbert continued. "Yes, Obama is blowing an uncertain trumpet. Well said, Brit. Spoken like a man who truly knows how to blow a rusty trombone."

Watch the entire September 11, 2014 episode of The Colbert Report below.