Twitter users mock Colorado school district's attempt to rewrite US history
Two people laugh at something on smart phone (Shutterstock)

Users of the social medium Twitter made light of news this week that conservative school board members in one Colorado district are attempting to censor a federally mandated AP history course.

Teachers and students walked out of Jefferson County schools in protest of the revised curriculum and of a proposed restructuring of how teachers are paid.

On Twitter, users coined the hashtag #JeffCoSchoolBoardHistory to riff on the nationalist, free-market-worshipping course in American exceptionalism that the conservative school board members want taught instead.

Lynn Bartels of the Denver Post linked to several tweets, including:

The Denver blog WestWord posted 30 of what it considered to be the funniest tweets.

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Occupy pepper spray cop via Twitter

As of Wednesday, tweets were still pouring in as more and more users picked up the hashtag.