Vegas weed dealer aids in his own arrest by posting weekly grow reports on YouTube
Las Vegas weed grow house (KLAS)

Las Vegas police raided a marijuana grow house this week after receiving help from the unlikely source: the grower who was posting weekly updates on YouTube bragging about his operation and showing off his crop.

Jason Pelletier, 33, and and his wife, Stephanie, 35, were arrested on Friday by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police after being tipped off to the videos, reports KLAS.

According to authorities, Pelletier was posting the videos on YouTube under the name 'Buddynuggets78.'

Police say they were able to the names and videos as a starting point to track down the home Pelletier and his wife had rented.

"we were able to research it," said Lt. Laz Chavez."Utilize some electronic equipment that we have, as well as just old school surveillance and help from the community to identify the residents."

Chavez called posting the videos, "Not very smart," adding "In my opinion, the most arrogant of all of them that I have seen.'

In the videos, Pelletier walks around the grow room, explaining his water and power usage while identifying the different strains, noting when they would be available for harvesting and then for sale.

Police removed over two hundred plants from the home.

Police said Peletier has a history with guns and drugs, calling him a "hardened criminal."

Charges have yet to be filed against Pelletier and his wife.

Watch the video below from KLAS:

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Grow house week three video via Buddynugget78 on YouTube: