Watch: Ingraham loses it after Bush aide says Reagan's attorney general worse than Holder
Laura Ingraham speaks to ABC News (screen grab)

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham on Sunday said that it did not matter who replaced Attorney General Eric Holder as long as they did not do the bidding of civil rights organizations like the NAACP and La Raza.

During a panel discussion on ABC's This Week, political analyst and former Bush aide Matthew Dowd argued that Republicans had "been too vociferous" with their campaign to oust Holder.

"The idea that Eric Holder's the worst attorney general when we've had the [Reagan-appointed] Edwin Meeses, the [Nixon-appointed] John Mitchells, even RFK, who was a very political attorney general at the time," he noted. "I think President Obama would make a mistake to do this by trying to do this in an interim appointment in terms in trying to do this of when Republicans -- or right before they are about to take the Senate."

Ingraham was shocked to hear that Dowd believed that Holder was not corrupt as Meese, who resigned after he was caught up in a racketeering and fraud scandal involving a pipeline between Iraq and Jordan.

"What you just said about Edwin Meese, I could do an hour on that," she gasped. "The greatest hits from Holder, from Fast and Furious, where the court just ruled that they have to turn over their document list, why they're withhold all these documents from the people. IRS, targeting of reporters, lack of transparency, we're a nation of cowards on race, running into situations and condemning entire states because they're dealing with the illegal immigration problem that the federal government isn't involved in! And he's not kind of out there?"

"But on the issue of who replaces him, doesn't really matter -- to quote Hillary Clinton," she continued. "He's going to try to get someone in who has the same world view, but we don't need another community organizer as attorney general."

"We need someone who has an impartial view as the nation's chief law enforcement officer. You're not just another advocate, you don't work for La Raza, you don't work for, you know, the NAACP. You work for the people. So, I hope the president learns from a terrible initial appointment."

Watch the video below from ABC's This Week, broadcast Sept. 28, 2014.