We have a winner! Elisabeth Hasselbeck is first Fox host to link NFL scandals to Benghazi
Fox News host Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Fox News)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Tuesday may have become the very first Fox News host to connect the domestic violence scandal involving NFL player Ray Rice to the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

Hours after her Fox & Friends show ended on Tuesday, Hasselbeck tweeted her thoughts about the connection between the two stories.

"Imagine if everyone that asked for transparency in the #nfl @nfl Demanded that same #transparency in our #government #Benghazi #IRS," she wrote.

Other Fox News hosts have blamed President Barack Obama for not "leading" after video of Rice punching his then-girlfriend, Janay, in an elevator was leaked. But Hasselbeck was thought to be the very first personality at the conservative network to tie the NFL scandal to the GOP Benghazi obsession.

A Media Matters report released on Tuesday found that Fox News had aired over 1,000 segments about Benghazi in the first 20 months after the 2012 attacks, with Republican lawmakers being featured as guests 30 times more than Democrats.

Update: In a tweet to The Huffington Post, Hasselbeck said that connecting Benghazi to the NFL scandals was an "honor."

(h/t: Media Matters)