Anti-abortion activists: Gory (and fake) fetus pics could be 'learning experience' for kids
Shocked girl (Shutterstock)

An Albuquerque anti-abortion group is defending displaying a graphic sign using possibly faked photos of a dismembered fetus near an elementary school, dismissing the concerns of the children's parents, reports KRQE News.

Parents of students attending Longfellow Elementary have expressed dismay with the sign, which has been set up in front of Southwestern Women’s Options -- a women's health clinic -- several days a month for about two years, with some parents going out of their way to avoid the sign when taking their kids to school.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate so close to the school,” Linda Trujillo said.

Tara Shaver, a member of anti-abortion group ABQ Protest, dismissed Trujillo and others' concerns.

“Well the billboard is not directly in front of the school. That’s not our targeted audience,” Shaver said. “I would think the more valid concern is what’s happening so close to the school.”

According to Shaver, Southwestern Women’s Options, which is a few blocks away, is the only clinic in the state that performs so-called "late term abortions."

While seemingly unconcerned with small children seeing images of dismembered bodies on their way to school, Shaver suggested the images could be used as a learning experience.

“Again, it’s not our intention for kids to see the images,” Shaver said. “It provides a great opportunity for education.”

Trujillo, disagreed.

“When I have a granddaughter, who’s only nine, I don’t think she understands the moral issues or the implications of questions that she asks,” Trujillo said.

The posters have recently become an issue after a local group, Inhabitants of Burque, posted pictures of the signs on their Facebook page, drawing over 1,500 comments, with one woman writing, "I used to work in the building next door. I rode the bus to work and had to see this giant billboard every morning. One day, I asked the woman handing out fliers on the other side of the street how she slept at night displaying this. She said just fine. I told her I did not. I miscarried a baby at this stage of development and since I started working at my new job, I had nightmares every night because I had to see this every day. Shame on you moral authorities who don't care who you hurt. As if every woman who has an abortion is skipping through the door singing a Katy Perry song. We will all stand before god when we die to answer for the things we have done. It is not your right or privilege to judge."

Watch the video below from KRQE News: