Anti-Muslim Florida pastor wears 'Nuke ISIS' shirt to court for 'Koran burning' case
Florida Pastor Terry Jones (WTVT)

A controversial anti-Muslim pastor who was arrested on his way to burn 3,000 Korans last year showed up in court this week wearing a "Nuke ISIS" T-shirt.

Pastor Terry Jones was arrested driving near Tampa in 2013 on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and charged with illegally transporting fuel and openly carrying a firearm. Jones had outraged Muslims worldwide with his plan to burn 2,998 kerosene-soaked Korans in remembrance of the victims.

Although a judge eventually dismissed the charge of illegally transporting fuel, Jones was back in court on Tuesday after the state asked for new charges to be approved.

"I'm definitely surprised, they have absolutely no evidence," Jones told WTVT. "The judge reviewed it; the judge threw it out. They knew they didn't have any kind of chance from the very beginning. And they are just continuing to drag it out."

Jones said that his biggest concern was that a felony conviction would strip him of his right to carry a gun, and that his life was constantly under threat.

The weapons charge, which is a misdemeanor, was still pending.

Watch the video below from WTVT, broadcast Oct. 8, 2104.

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