Death threats emailed to Harvard students blamed on 'little brother'
Asian woman looking at computer screen (Shutterstock)

Racist death threats emailed out to a substantial number of Harvard students and graduates were the work of  "my little brother" claims the owner of the originating email account, reports The Boston Globe.

On Friday, hundreds of Harvard students -- predominately Asian females -- received a disturbing email claiming that the sender would be coming to the Ivy League campus on Saturday, before stating, "I will kill you individually."

The emailer, identifying him or herself as 'Stephanie Nguyen,' added, " I'll be back tomorrow at 11 o'clock in your fucking university and will kill you, you sons of bitches. Even Mark Zuckerberg of facebook I willl kill.  I'm going to kill every one of you. I promise you, slit-eyes."

According to authorities, the email  address identified the sender as Eduardo Nguyen.

Minutes later the same message was sent out to some of the same students, but with email address identifying the sender as Huy Dinh.

Campus police took the threat seriously, alerting the FBI,  and Asian-American student groups cancelled a scheduled campus event on the Asian American experience at Harvard planned for Saturday.

According to campus police, they now believe the threat was a hoax after receiving an email late Saturday afternoon from the same '' address, containing an apology and blaming the previous emails on "my little brother."

"It was my little brother who has written the e-mail," said the message, according to Boston City Councilor at Large Michelle Wu. "I'm not a killer, not a killer, please tell your dirketor(sic) so . . . To all Harvard students and staff I'm sorry what wrote my brother please I will bear the responsibility please call back all media."

The emailer,  claimed to be a 15-year-old living in France.

Wu who, as a Harvard graduate also received the emails, called the experience, "Unsettling."

Despite the fact that threat is now considered a hoax, campus police and the FBI are looking into how the emailer was able to access a large quantity of Harvard student email addresses.

 “I want to know how this list was put together,” Wu said.