Flamingo killed defending its mate, which also dies in frat initiation rite
Pair of pink flamingos (Shutterstock)

A University of Southern Mississippi fraternity pledge was arrested Wednesday night for his role in the scavenger hunt that led to the deaths of two flamingos, the Hattiesburg American reports.

Devin Nottis was pledging the Delta Nu Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha on Tuesday and was supposed to take a photograph with a flamingo for the scavenger hunt.

Instead, police say, Norris took the animal itself -- but neither the female Chilean flamingo nor its mate went quietly.

Hattiesburg Zoo officials say that the male flamingo "attempted to defend his mate and was injured." It was found dead in its holding area the morning after the scavenger hunt with scrapes on its body and severe internal injuries.

The kidnapped female flamingo was recovered Tuesday, but it was also severely injured and had to be euthanized.

On his Twitter account, Nottis wrote:

twitter nottis

So far, he has only been charged with grand larceny, though police said that more charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues.

The University of Southern Mississippi barred Nottis from campus, and ordered Pi Kappa Alpha to cease and desist all fraternity related activities. The national office also placed the fraternity on administrative leave until it determines the Delta Nu chapter's future.