Georgia investigator: Lazy and violent 'black culture' to blame for 1-year-old boy's shooting death
Clayton County investigator David Daniel (WSB-TV)

A county investigator in Georgia said this week that he will resign after he was called a "racist" for a Facebook rant blaming a 1-year-old boy's shooting death on "black culture."

Over the weekend, 1-year-old Rodrickus Robinson was shot to death when he was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight in an Atlanta neighborhood.

Clayton County Investigator David Daniel responded to the shooting by posting remarks on WSB-TV's Facebook page.

"Violence with guns is unfortunately a part of the black culture and will never get better until the government stops supporting them and they are taught to work for what they get and not take from others," he wrote.

Several Facebook commenters lashed out by calling the remarks "racist."

“It had nothing to do with the child when it should have been all about the child,” Stephanie Morgan explained to WSB-TV.

Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson suspended Daniel, and informed him in a disciplinary notice that she intended to have him fired.

Keith Martin, who is Daniel's attorney, insisted on Tuesday that his client would resign instead of being fired.

“We are going to tender to Mrs. Lawson a letter of resignation,” Martin said.

"I do not believe that you will see David again in any social media," the attorney added.

Watch the video below from WSB-TV, broadcast Oct. 28, 2014.