Hidden camera reveals Florida nursing home aides abusing Alzheimer's patient
Alzheimer's patient abused (WFLA)

Police charged two Florida nursing home assistants with battery after the son of an Alzheimer’s patient set up a hidden camera to determine what was causing unexplained bruises on the frail man’s body.

Dale Wilson noticed unusual bruising on his 76-year-old father’s arms and legs and reported the injuries earlier this month to staff at Palm Gardens Nursing Home, reported WFLA-TV.

Employees were unable to explain the injuries, so the 53-year-old Wilson set up a “nanny camera” in his father’s room and discovered the women tormenting and hitting the ill man.

The elderly man is no longer able to communicate due to Alzheimer’s disease, and Wilson said he told his father what was happening to him.

"I did tell him that, I am so sorry for what he had to endure here,” Wilson said. “I said I had no idea what was happening to you. I said, ‘I know there were people in here being mean to you, (but) they can't be mean to you anymore -- they're gone, I promise.’”

Winter Haven police arrested 28-year-old Yashika Jones and 35-year-old Rose Blaise, who were each charged with battery of an elderly person.

"This egregious behavior from these two who are supposed to be caring for our infirm is absolutely sickening," said Chief Charlie Bird, of Winter Haven police.

The videos show Jones attacking the ill man Oct. 7 and 24, police said, while Blaise is seen tormenting him on Oct. 16, the station reported.

Another certified nursing assistant, 28-year-old Oreal Motley, is shown in the Oct. 7 video with Jones, who police said rubbed her hands across the victim’s face, disturbing him.

Jones then makes punching motions toward his face, police said, which upsets him further.

Blaise and 51-year-old Victoria Anucha, another certified nursing assistant, are shown in another video transferring the older man from a wheelchair to his bed.

The man becomes agitated and starts flailing his arms in the video, police said, and Blaise can be seen stepping back and lunging toward him to stomp his bare feet or kick him in the leg.

The victim reaches toward his legs in obvious pain, police said, and Blaise then roughly moves his legs after lying the man down in bed.

Jones is seen changing the victim’s clothes in the Oct. 24 video with 21-year-old certified nursing assistant Daphnee Louissant, police said.

She makes punching motions toward the man’s face and then grabs his wrists as he struggles to escape, investigators said.

Jones then forced the man to punch himself in the face and pretends to slap him, police said, and when the victim tries to defend himself, she grabs his wrist and causes him to slap himself in the face.

Six employees are under investigation by the nursing home, according to Palm Gardens.

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