Houston pastor: 'Wicked' lesbian mayor gives gays 'superior rights' over Christians
TruNews host Rick Wiles (YouTube)

A Texas pastor said this week that he was willing to go to jail to stop an anti-discrimination ordinance in Houston because the "wicked" lesbian mayor had effectively given LGBT people "superior rights" over everyone else.

During a Monday interview with Christian broadcaster Rick Wiles, Houston-area pastor David Welch lashed out at the city of Houston for subpoenaing sermons and other materials related to a lawsuit that churches filed against the city over an ordinance that extended equal protections to LGBT people. The city eventually agreed to drop the request for sermons from the subpoenas.

"The big issue that we rallied everyone around pretty clearly was that [the ordinance] imposed specific protections for transgenders -- those gender-confused -- to be able to go into whichever restroom they wanted to," Welch said. "So any man who simply declared himself a woman that day could go into a woman's restroom and the business could do nothing about it."

"On the issue of these subpoenas, we're not giving in one inch. If that requires us putting on the orange jumpsuits, so be it," he added. "No city is safe, everybody has got to step up and start taking responsibility for those we place in office at every level, that they will then respect and then adhere to the laws of God, the rule of law and our Constitution."

Welch argued that Americans had allowed the "diversity movement" to claim "not just equal rights, but superior rights. And those superior rights of the LGBT movement now literally trump the religious rights and the First Amendment rights of all."

"You're just dealing with the gaystapo of America," Wiles quipped, adding that even megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen had blessed Houston Mayor Annise Parker when she was sworn in to office.

"The first lesbian mayor of Houston, Joel Osteen was there to bless it... He said that God raised her up!" he exclaimed. "So, I guess Joel believes that God raised her up to persecute the church of Houston."

Welch, however, said that the "truth of the matter" was that God "raised up and allowed wicked rulers to rise up to discipline his church when we're disobedient. So, I'm not going to entirely disagree with him."

"The goat and the sheep are being separated into their respective groups, and the sheep are going to speak up from this point on," Wiles opined. "We are witnessing the criminalizing of Christian faith inside the United States of America under the Obamanista regime."

"This is a communist revolutionary takeover of the United States of America," he warned. "This thing is so far gone that I don't think it can be stopped now. In fact, I think Obama is God's judgement on this nation, and that's why I think it can't be stopped."

Wiles said that God did not give Americans freedom so that they could "pursue their lust and pleasure and sinful desires."

"The clock is ticking and there is precious little time for a turnaround. I'm not real positive, not real hopeful," he concluded.

Listen to the audio below from TruNews, broadcast Oct. 27, 2014.