Oklahoma Muslim says she was asked to sign petition telling Muslims to 'go home'
Deb Beneta (KFOR)

A Muslim woman from Oklahoma said she was asked this week to sign a petition urging all Muslims to “go home.”

Deb Beneta told KFOR-TV that another woman approached her outside a gas station in Del City with the petition.

“She said, ‘It’s to send Muslims back to where they came from,’” Beneta told the station. “I said, ‘I am a Muslim, but I’m an American, so where do you plan to send me?”

The woman did not specify her plans, and Beneta said there were few signatures on the petition – which she offered to sign.

“It just offended me that someone would say I don’t belong here,” Beneta told the station “I think some of the most dangerous people are non-educated people who have been stimulated by hate or fear.”

Del City is about two miles from Moore, where a recent convert to Islam killed and decapitated a former coworker and wounded another at a food processing plant.

A federal judge last year struck down a ban, which was approved by more than 70 percent of Oklahoma voters, on courts considering Islamic law in decisions.

“Muslims are a peaceful people,” Beneta said. “I wish people would see us as humans and not this mythical Muslim monster.”

Watch this video report posted online by KFOR-TV: