Orlando cop investigated after body camera surfaces showing rough arrest
Orlando police officer using a body camera [WFTV-TV]

The Florida State Attorney's office is investigating an Orlando police officer after discovering that his department did not provide body camera footage related to an incident in which he punched and kicked a handcuffed man, WFTV-TV reported.

Authorities might charge Officer William Escobar in connection with his arrest of 25-year-old Refus Holloway this past March. Footage taken by Holloway's sister shows him handcuffed and laying on the ground face-down when Escobar punches him in the back of the head. However, Escobar said in his report that he hit Holloway because he was "attempting to stand up" and resist being handcuffed.

The Orlando Sentinel reported at the time that Escobar encountered Holloway, a former military police officer for the Air Force, during an incident at a relative's home.

"Refus was trying to tell the police officers what happened," Hollway's lawyer, Bradley Laurent, told the Sentinel. "He wasn't yelling, he wasn't being belligerent in any way shape or form."

Holloway was arrested and charged with resisting arrest without violence, but the charge was later dropped.

The footage also shows Escobar grabbing Holloway by the wrists and dragging him, as well ask kicking him. Escobar said in his report that the kick was in response to Holloway curling his leg as if he wanted to kick the officer, but that was not reflected in the footage.

However, Orlando police did not enclose or mention the body camera Escobar was allegedly wearing at the time of the encounter.

Watch WFTV's report, as aired on Friday, below.