Prosecutor obsessed with jailing MN mom who treated son with marijuana oil to stop painful seizures
Angela Brown (WCCO)

A Minnesota prosecutor will proceed with a child endangerment case against a mother who provided medical marijuana to her son to treat symptoms of a traumatic brain injury -- despite the fact that Minnesota recently passed a law allowing cannabis oil to be used for medical purposes -- ThinkProgress reports. That law, however, will not go into effect until 2015.

Angela Brown's son, Trey, suffered the injury at a baseball game three years ago.

"It just hurts in my brain everywhere," Trey said. "I really can't explain the pain."

Along with the pain, he suffers from uncontrollable muscle spasms and seizures so severe that he had to stop attending school and caused him to be suicidal.

"I was afraid to go to the bathroom," his mother Angela Brown said, because "he'd be harming himself."

Last winter, she took Trey to Colorado, where they found a doctor who prescribed a particular strain of cannabis oil to treat him. "Within an hour of him taking it, we could tell a difference," Angela Brown said.

When he returned to school, teachers and administrators wondered about his seemingly miraculous recovery. When Trey informed them, however, they were less than pleased.

"It was a week later when my mom called and said, 'The cops are looking for you,'" Angela Brown said. Police seized the oil and charged her with child endangerment and causing a child to need protection.

His father, David Brown, said that Trey's symptoms have returned since he stopped using the oil.

"The prosecutor’s version of this is that a good mom allows her child to be in pain, to self-harm, and attempt to take his life," Angela Brown said. "I guess that’s a good mom in his eyes."

"I didn’t give my son back alley pot. I gave him controlled medicinal cannabis," she told KARE. "I want them to have compassion for a mother that was just trying to save her child."

Earlier this week, Angela Brown refused a plea deal that would have given her a one-year stay, opting instead to fight the charges. She is circulating an online petition in order to raise money for her defense.

Watch a report on the case via WCCO below.

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