Reddit group teaches army of 'holy soldiers' to rape 'harlots' who need 'corrective discipline'
["Angry woman at computer" via Shutterstock]

A newly created group at the Reddit online community promises to teach men how to "correct" women using "rape" for the "good of society."

Late last month, a Reddit group -- or subreddit -- titled "PhilosophyOfRape" was created by a user of the same name.

"Rape served a very important function in mitigating female behavior and keeping it in check," the moderator explained in a manifesto on the subreddit. "Back in the time of prehistory, a woman couldn't behave as shamelessly slutty as she can today, because of the risk of catching the eye of the wrong male."

Now that men had to obtain "consent" from women before having sex, PhilosophyOfRape argued that "we find ourselves in a situation gone way, way, too far."

"These harpies need to be humbled. And for their own good," the user opined. "Disciplinary smacks and slaps come in a different form for these more grown children (college women), since the situation was more extreme in permissiveness and went on for more years. But the curing power of good ol' fashion physical strength wielded to correct can not be understated."

"It's not only morally justifiable to rape such a woman, it's and brave," the manifesto insisted. "We're talking about filthy, unmitigated, sluts. Oblivious and loud. Shameless. Belligerent. Entitled. Selfie taking, Tindr-whoring, Teenage-walking-herpes-sores. We are talking about bad, bad, individuals. Unruly, neglicted [SIC], children, run-amok. That badly need to be punished. Badly."

The statement concluded that women needed to be raped "for the good of society," and that the subreddit "will teach how to do it safely."

In a comment submitted two days later, PhilosophyOfRape went on to explain that "harlots" were in need of "corrective discipline."

"Simple, swift, brutal, rape. Impassioned and indiacriminate [SIC]. A whole team of holy soldiers, cutting these abominations down to a place where their feeble heads can even see Their selves for the meek and lowly creatures they are, and will greatfully [SIC] bow, averting their eyes in humility and spending their dazed working quietly, tending the home and reflecting on HOW they had once thought it fit to behave."

The user details a rape fantasy in which the woman enjoys being sexually assaulted.

"I was wet the whole time. Incredibly," the group moderator wrote in the voice of the victim. "I was terrified true, and I did scream and plead and squirm and hit, but my little fists couldn't even compete against the oppressive weight of his body. And what's worse is that not only did I stop fighting, but as I came closer and closer to cumming I caught myself PUSHING BACK against him, unconcoously [SIC] I began HELPING his thrusts."

The blog We Hunted The Mammoth, pointed out that the user calling itself "PhilosophyOfRape" had boasted in a comment that he had "Corrected" seven women so far. And he had trained another man who had already "Corrected" one "vile, putrid" woman.

"Even if he is trolling, what he’s written is hate speech, and one wonders why Reddit’s admins, who have certainly been notified about PhilosophyOfRape – the user and the subreddit – haven’t banned him outright," We Hunted The Mammoth's David Futrelle wrote. "But there is a very real danger to Reddit’s continuing tolerance of users – and whole communities – driven by hatred. At some point someone – either someone posting hateful screeds like PhilosophyOfRape, or someone inspired by these screeds – is going to take this hate to the real world, as [woman-hating killer] Elliot Rodger did only a few months ago."

At the time of publication, the PhilosophyOfRape was still online. The group linked to a single article titled, "I Ended Up Enjoying My Rape."