SNL:  Sarah Silverman roasts dead celebrities as 'Joan Rivers' in Heaven
Sarah Silverman as Joan Rivers (SNL)

On last night's episode of Saturday Night Live, host Sarah Silverman played the late Joan Rivers, who was roasting the deceased in Heaven.

In the skit, Silverman impersonated Rivers' skewering wit to great -- and typically offensive -- effect.

"I guess I should be here," Rivers started, "I'm practically a virgin. The last time someone was inside me -- it was Melissa!"

"My old friend Richard Pryor's here," she continued, "I can't believe it. Richard, you could never keep it in your pants. I don't want to say you fooled around, but the longest relationship you ever had was with multiple sclerosis."

As he would throughout the skit, Benjamin Franklin roared with uncontrollable laughter.

"So many wonderful people here in Heaven," Rivers said. "Ever Steve Jobs right here, incredible. Steve, I hope you're forced to buy a newer, better casket every six months so you can see how we feel."

"Look at that," she said, "I'm killing with Ben Franklin! He loves me, by Ben. Sometimes tells me those bifocals aren't the only thing 'bi' about you."

"I don't know what that means," Franklin said between laughs.

"Speaking of 'bi,'" Rivers added, "see who we got here? Freddie Mercury! He's so skinny with that mustache, he looks like a gay broom! When Freddie died, people were surprised he was gay. Are you serious? You're so gay, even your teeth aren't straight."

"I still don't understand!" Franklin said.

Watch the entire sketch from the October 4, 2014 episode of Saturday Night Live below.