'Sovereign citizen' tells traffic court he doesn't exist: 'My mom never gave birth to me'
Police officer writing ticket (Shutterstock)

A Massachusetts “sovereign citizen” was arrested for illegally driving just hours after he was ordered to pay a $500 for driving without a valid license.

Christopher Noone, of Monson, paid the fine and an additional $407 in court costs Tuesday at the Newburyport District Courthouse, but police said he attempted to drive himself home, reported The Salem News.

State troopers stopped the 21-year-old Noone and charged him with unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Noone was cited for unlicensed operation in July 2013 after leaving a pickup truck running with an attached horse trailer parked along a city street.

He rejected a prosecutor’s offer last year to decriminalize the violation and fine him only $50, and instead demanded a trial and risk a possible $1,000 fine.

Noone argued this week during a bench trial that he was not a person as defined by the commonwealth of Massachusetts – and thus, was not bound by its laws, the newspaper reported.

He asked Sgt. Steve Trepanier during the hearing whether he’d actually seen him driving the truck, and the officer reminded Noone that he admitted at the time to driving the pickup without a license.

Noone claimed the state had no evidence he was a person because he did not have a birth certificate or Social Security number, as required to obtain a driver’s license.

The police officer testified that Noone had offered his name and birth date when he was cited, the newspaper reported, but Noone quickly objected.

“I don’t have a date of birth,” he said.

After Noone argued he was defined as a corporation, not a person, under Massachusetts law, the judge tried to trick him into providing his birth date, last name, and address.

But he said none of those questions applied to him, the newspaper reported.

“My mom never gave birth to me,” Noone said.

Noone told the judge during closing arguments that the case should be dismissed because there was no evidence he drove the truck, and he wasn’t even a person.

The judge, however, ruled in favor of the prosecution and ordered Noone to pay half the maximum fine.

Noone said he would appeal the ruling, but the judge suggested it would probably be cheaper and easier to just get a valid driver’s license.