Stephen Colbert butchers the NRA for killing bill that banned the eating of puppies and kittens

On last night's episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert went after the National Rifle Association for its role in killing a Pennsylvania bill that banned the breeding of cats and dogs for meat.

"The kitten-coddlers out there don't want you to eat your pets," he began. "'That's illegal,' they say. But not everywhere -- you can have a dog for dinner in Pennsylvania thanks to the NRA."

Colbert then cut to a clip from WPVI, in which the reporter said, "this all started after a small number of butcher shops in Pennsylvania started selling dog and cat meat. In response, House Bill 1750, designed to outlaw the human consumption of household pets was quickly put together. But the NRA opposed the bill, and it never got voted on."

"We did it!" Colbert shouted. "It's still legal in Pennsylvania to serve cat and dog meat! So you're safe for now, White Castle."

"Now, I don't always agree with the NRA, but I do. Especially about why this bill had to die," he said, before cutting back to WPVI, which stated the reason the bill was killed was that an amendment was added to ban live pigeon shooting.

"Now, I imagine that shooting a pigeon on the ground might seem like shooting fish in a barrel," Colbert said. "But there's a big difference -- fish don't scream."

"According to the NRA's website, banning the time-honored tradition of shooting captive pigeons 'might begin the slide down a slippery slope,' and 'the next stop will be regulated shooting grounds.' That's right, in order to protect their right to kill birds, the NRA defeated the anti-pet-eating bill."

"It's a hard, but noble sacrifice," Colbert continued. "But dogs and cats must die, in order that the pigeons may die too."

Watch the entire episode via Hulu below.