Ted Nugent's latest rant: There are no poor in America, and vampire wolves are coming
Ted Nugent (Flickr)

In his new column for World Net Daily, 1970s rock icon and current conservative iconoclast Ted Nugent implored Americans to "snap out of your daze."

He began by lamenting that he is not taken more seriously, writing that "I raise as much hell as I can for a bowhunting guitar player, but more often than not I am labeled an extremist and crazy radical."

Nugent then produced a litany of extremist and radical beliefs that he mistakenly thinks he shares with the rest of America.

"We refuse to believe that all those children showing up at our southern border just happen to make that near impossible journey all on their own," he writes.

"We don't believe that our president is a Christian," Nugent continues. "We don’t believe that denying any semblance of security in Benghazi was due to simple ineptitude."

"We don’t believe the Affordable Health Care Act has anything to do with providing better health care to needy Americans," he argues. "What we are convinced of is that Obamacare is just another redistribution scam by the scammer in chief and his socialist/commie supporters."

"We can’t believe our government squawks about so many living in so-called poverty when the vast majority of such poor people have cellphones and every imaginable luxury known to man," Nugent adds. "We cannot believe anybody is stupid enough to still claim Islam is the religion of peace."

"But more shocking than all this disbelief and abandonment of logic, common sense and basic national responsibility," he writes, "is the fact that so many Americans remain in a zombie-like daze of cluelessness to the dangerous, life-threatening conditions increasing all around them on a daily basis."

"Too many Americans fell for the politically correct insanity that the wolf at the door was nothing but a harmless, cuddly Disney cartoon character that wouldn’t harm a soul. Well, the wolf is no longer at the door America, the beast has moved into our living rooms, and he is ravenously hungry and doesn’t give a damn what is on the authorized menu."

Nugent concludes the essay by saying it is time to rid America of "vampire wolves," writing "[v]ampire wolves be gone. It is now or never, America. Are you American enough?"