The rantings of the Brooklyn Coffee shop owner who calls Jews 'greedy infiltrators' and himself a 'nudge'

Boom, indeed. But, it turns out that not only is Avila not an anti-semite, he's a real social justice activist and, perhaps unknowingly, a huge fan of Yiddish culture.

You see, Avila was merely expressing the anti-Semitism most Latinos share behind closed doors: "Hispanics will complain but not publicly." This, by the way, is always a great defense against bigotry, no matter what kind. I like to call it the speaking bigotry to power for the voiceless. I'm Jewish, so if someone accuses me of saying racist things, for instance, I just say "Jews will complain about Black people but not publicly." Now, I'm no longer a racist. I'm a community organizer.

And, Avila says, in his own defense "most of the people complaining are Jewish." This is another great way to deal with accusations of bigotry of all shapes and sizes. I like to call it questioning the source. So, let's say a Black person is accused of saying homophobic things. Not only can she or he say "Black people will complain about LGBT people but not publicly," she or he can say "besides, "most of the people complaining are gay."

But back to the community organizing and Yiddishkeit loving... Avila preaches, "We all stick together, that is the only way for there to be progress.... Things should be fair, and the post was intended to nudge people into an awakening ... you have to be progressive and go to community boards in order for change to happen." [italics mine] OK. Did you see what Avila just did? That's right. He dropped a Yiddish bomb. #BOOM. Yiddish, for those of you who don't know, is a Jewish language. And to nudge is "to be a bore or pest; to bore or pester; to push."

Once I learned that Avila had used the word nudge, I did some investigating* and found the original prose he had written on Instagram and Facebook but had updated so it would be understood by people outside of New York City.

My eingeshpahrt stubborn Bushwick-oroginal neighbor is a  shnorrer hoarder and a mess- true because a chazer bleibt a chazer.. and he's refused selling his building for lots and lots of gelt money. His gegent  shtetl place makes the hood look ferkockkterh less attractive and I would like him to either clean up or gib zich a traisel move along. BUT NOT be bought out by Jews however, who in this case (and many cases separate- SORRY!) function via greed and dominance, which is  shandeh for the Goyim...
Two jewish zhlubs young men with generally rude behavior (one more than the other) ordered coffee, and explained how they were looking for this neighbor of mine....
 I openly said "looking to buy the building?" They said yes and I explained how this man has been asked to sell for large amounts of money many times- which is true. So I said mazel tov Good luck with that. But if you're going to come here ya gotta be mensches"....
 I have the Chutzpah to be will be bold enough to generalize, and expose that I'm full of tsoriss very displeased with this general culture's behaviors of dominance and Illuminati sensibility... #Oy #‎Illuminati‬‪#‎BOOM‬.

*Yes, genius, this part is satirical. But he did really use the word nudge.


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